Winning streaks make the bettor a happy man

So we are one quarter of the way through the season, which in turns meaning I am one quarter of the way through my baseball betting experiment.

A confession to make – I haven’t bet every single game, I have forgot or just not been near a computer when a few of the games have started this year. However, I have still bet most of them, and the ones I haven’t, the Jays have gone 1-4, so … I suppose in terms of +/- that worked out well for (although I was a very unhappy camper the game they won that I didn’t bet on).

I have found that this is a tough thing to do. It goes without saying that the Jays are going to lose many, many times throughout the season. I’m already hugely emotionally invested into each and every Jays game, so add in money and it takes it even further.

As I have also mentioned, the Jays are very commonly underdogs in most games they play, and they have never really been huge favourites in the odds all year. The two game sweep of Boston, for example, was a good bounceback for me as I had slipped to under the zero ledger at my lowest, to about -$80. However, a six-game win streak has a good way of taking care of all that and I’m back on the positive of the ledger.

I banked pretty heavily on the Jays sweeping or winning two out of three against the Twins and that, of course, worked well. I am going to hope this winning streak extends to pad the Jays record – and my bank account. I’ve also had a couple good wins when I bet on the Jays to cover the spread, when they have been slight favourites (which obviously pays out more) and I am 3-1 in those bets.

Update through 41 games:


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