Duelling prospects

Eric Thames seems like a great guy. If you’ve heard him talk, you know how contagious his enthusiasm is. He’s a hard worker, dedicated to succeeding in the game — he’d have to be to come back from the injury he suffered in college — and succeed he has, posting great numbers throughout the minor leagues.

He did so well in the minors that, when Adam Lind got hurt, the Jays designated Jimmy Robert Ray for assignment to get Thames on the 40-man roster and call him up to the bigs. Alex Anthopoulos did this despite having potential replacements for Lind on the 40-man already.

Yes, Thames has a lot of talent, potential and a great personality to boot. This is a guy you basically have to root for.

The only thing about Thames’s call to The Show that irks me doesn’t actually have anything to do with the fact that Thames got the call, it’s got more to do with the reaction of some fans. Instead of enjoying the great story that Thames is, they’re using his promotion to dump on another Jays prospect. Here’s a fact that I really, really hope those fans read:


Snider is not yet a bust or, as he was called yesterday on the Fan, a “reclamation project.”

What Snider is, is a young player who earned himself his first shot in the majors when he was only 20, then was mishandled when he got there. Hitting low in the order and being hidden from left-handed pitchers is not how a guy’s going to develop his talent. What should Toronto have done with Snider is what Florida did with Mike Stanton.

But it’s too late for all of that now. What happened with Snider happened and now he’s in Las Vegas and, hopefully, will get the developmental path he should have gotten earlier in his career.

I realize those last couple of paragraphs may go against the notion that Snider is a reclamation project, but if you’re thinking that’s what he is, please remember what I said above:


So, yes, root for Thames to succeed, be happy for him. I am. But please, please don’t use Thames as proof that Snider is finished.

Eric Thames pic courtesy John Lott. Travis Snider pic courtesy MILB.

1 thought on “Duelling prospects

  1. Agree fully. I have been saying this for the past few years when people dump on Snider. Must people are still toiling away in AA at his age…

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