Dear Jo-Jo, please win.

First my apologies for my extended absence from the blog. I haven’t been completely connected to Blue Jay land lately, as I’ve spent most of my time either watching games out of the corner of my eye in the newsroom (the joys of working nights!) or watching rushed PVR’s late at night of the game after I get off work.

Thankfully, however, I did avoid seeing last night’s annoying walk-off loss against the Yankees, as for some reason I PVR-ed it, but when I went to play it back, hit “Resume Playback” and it queued it up right to where my girflriend had finished watching the game – Jorge Posada and company jumping around like dinks celebrating their comeback win.

That loss to watch in full would have been tough to swallow as it would have gone from joy that the Jays scored four runs off Sabathia, to frustration that they could do no more against him for the rest of the game, back to joy when seeing how well Romero threw for the third straight game and right on to pure uncensored rage having to witness the Yanks walking off with one. As it turns out I skipped straight to the uncensored rage part and somehow it didn’t seem so bad as having to spend three hours watching the game to get there.

At any rate, I only post quickly today to reaffirm that I am still here and also to implore Jo-Jo Reyes to simply end this maddness and just get a victory. You have not earned a W in 27 straight starts and are approaching a dubious record if you let it slide one start further.

To be fair, the stat of a win is not all it is cracked up to be for a pitcher, but even the unluckiest and shitbaggiest of pitchers eventually pick one up along the way. You are not a shitbag, Jo-Jo. Just win.

Truth be told, you are on the road against the Yankees, in a place where opposing pitchers usually don’t become Cy Young, so the odds are quite stacked today. But considering the last two times out you pitched well enough to win but had the bullpen blow it, perhaps today you’ll pitch like garbage, but make it through five innings and be bailed out by a hot offence who can hopefully lay waste to Freddy Garcia?

One can hope.

I don’t know the ultimate purpose of this post, whether it’s just to give Jo-Jo some reverse psych out luck only 30 minutes before his start, or whether it’s just to bump Chris’ old post off the top of the page (are people really using Eric Thames to say Travis Snider is a bust, really? He hasn’t even done anything yet)… At any rate, I’ve come this far, so for now this mailed in post is complete.

I promise soon I’ll be back with something of more consequence.

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1 thought on “Dear Jo-Jo, please win.

  1. Doesn’t matter what Thames has done. The mere fact he was called up instead of Snider was all the justification some needed to say Snider was a bust.

    But yes, I hope the Jays can win it for Jo-Jo.

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