Allowing yourself to dream …

Let’s play GM here ….

Go ahead and say the clock reads July 15, 2011 (a couple weeks before the trade deadline) and the Jays are currently where they are now (as of this writing) — 3.5 games back in the AL East, but trailing multiple teams.

What moves are you making to shore up the Jays roster heading into a playoff run?

What are the biggest concerns needing to be addressed?

What do you see a Jays playoff roster even looking like? 

At that point, is it pretty obvious that Brett Lawrie must be up here, if the 3B fiasco still hasn’t sorted itself out?

What do you think is worthy of mortgaging on the farm for that type of chance to make the playoffs? What kidn of prospects previously considered “untouchable” (to a fan) might at that point become touchable?

Hoping to hear some feedback from our thousands, hundreds, dozens of readers. What would you do if you were AA in that scenario?

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4 thoughts on “Allowing yourself to dream …

  1. Anything that is on an expiring contract, that will produce Type-A compensation. The Jays’ payroll is measly. They could EASILY take on $10MM in payroll for the end of 2011, which could produce a playoff run, and the picks are golden for AA. Look at Aaron Sanchez. Dickie Thon. Jake Marisnick. If the Jays are 2-3 games out at the deadline, they MUST move a catcher and/or a pitcher for a big league bat or SP.

  2. I with Andy on this. I’m looking for a SP or big bat — probably a DH.

    Expiring contracts even better but, if I’m AA, I won’t rule out trading for someone who’s locked up for a while. That’s because, if I’m AA, I can somehow do things like get the Braves to give me YEscobar for Alex Gonzalez.

    I’d especially be looking at 2B under long-term contract, unless Aaron Hill’s turned himself around by that point — and I guess if the Jays are still in contention, he probably has.

  3. Clem what kind of 2B do you think fit the bill of what you suggested for long-term contracts that would be moveable?

    • To be honest, I have no idea. But if you had asked me the same thing about SS that fit the bill last year, I would’ve said the same thing.

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