Vote Jose? How about … Vote Carlos?

The entire Blue Jays organization getting behind voting for Jose Bautista in this year’s All-Star game is a nice touch, really it is, but that being said, I don’t get it.

Until something changes, Jose Bautista is widely considered the best hitter in Major League Baseball at the moment.

He is leading the league in average with a .345 mark, is tops in homeruns with 20 and first in OPS – by a wide margin – with a 1.209.

This isn’t normally the type of player that needs a big push to be voted into the All-Star game. Now granted, I get it that he’s a player who employs his craft north of the border, so he doesn’t get as much attention, and I get it that it will be a cool honour if he continues to lead all voter getters. However, let’s be honest, when the American League squares off against the National League on July 12 in Arizona, Joey Bats will be hitting third in the lineup and standing in right field to open the game. I don’t think there’s much question in that, unless of course the AL manager is some sort of Charlie Sheen antithesis and doesn’t enjoy winning.

Anyway, my point in all this is that I find it odd that so much voting effort is being put behind a guy who will automatically make the team, when there are perfectly worthy Jays who likely aren’t going to even get a sniff of  any significant amount of votes.

Carlos Villanueva deserves to be an All-Star, yet there’s virtually no chance he will ever make the team, or even come close.

Until I actually checked the numbers, I had the knowledge that Villanueva had been quite effective this year, but upon giving it a closer look, he truly has been a steady rock for the Jays, and arguably their best pitcher throughout the season.

ERA: 3.09

OAVG: .196

WHIP: 0.99

And for those who like useless counting stats, he is 4-0 on the season.

Now, for the majority of the season he was a mop-up man, and that’s certainly not a celebrated position, but he has pretty much answered the call for whatever role the Jays have needed him in and he’s done it perfectly well.

Now, his 46.1 innings pitcher this year don’t yet qualify him for the official MLB leaderboards, but to put things in perspective, if he did quality (and he should eventually if he continues to start games), his AL ranks would be:

ERA: 12th (just ahead of C.C. Sabathia)

OAVG: 1st

WHIP: 7th

That, my friends, is an All-Star, in my opinion.

However, Charlie V’s great first half is likely to be nothing more than a good personal accomplishment, as part-time starters who play in Canada won’t likely ever get consideration for such an honour, no matter how good their numbers are.

However, if you are filling out an All-Star ballot between now and the deadline, sure, go ahead and vote Bautista into the game, but also, how about throwing a vote out for Carlos?*

(* Yes, we know you can’t vote pitchers into the All-Star Game. But the spirit of the post remains unchanged. Carlos has been good and deserves recognition. — Chris)

8 thoughts on “Vote Jose? How about … Vote Carlos?

  1. Really? How was I not aware of this?
    How did pitchers get selected to the team then? Don’t I feel silly …

    • I believe the manager officially puts together the pitching staff, but I’m willing to bet there are a lot of people who have a say in which pitchers are all-stars.

      • Strange how Perry sees SS as a Ponzi scheme but few of these pols would say the same thing about Wall St., the TBTFs, where the true, gaarrntugan Ponzi scheme is playing out right beneath their noses. And, of course, is padding many of their pockets. Well they don’t have to worry, because when the going gets tough, the crooks get bailed out. Of course no one gave us back the losses from our 401k because we were suppose to know THE STOCK MARKET IS RISKY. For decades the GOP has been trying to revamp SS and send our contributions to Wall Street. Even now, after the total betrayal and theft of our retirements by Wall Street, they’re still trying to convince us that SS is destined to fail. As long as the GOP keeps it’s DAMNED hands off of our SOLVENT nestegg, it will survive

  2. I guess you guys haven’t been voting this year or any year. Perhaps one of the reasons for the Vote Jose campaign, as many people have already used up their 25 votes.

    • I’ve made no secret of the fact that I don’t really care about the All-Star Game, or the Hall of Fame voting or any of that. Sure it’s neat to see Jays do well in these things and I’ll very likely watch the ASG, but — and this is especially true of the All-Star Game — they’re essentially just a popularity contest and not usually a true indication of who the best players are.

    • Strange how Perry sees SS as a Ponzi scheme but few of these pols would say the same thing about Wall St., the TBTFs, where the true, gutaanrargn Ponzi scheme is playing out right beneath their noses. And, of course, is padding many of their pockets. The common denominator is anything with a social value related to the common good is bad; anything increasing the wealth of the top 2% [laughingly referred to as the ‘job creators’] is good. Few of the current crop of pols are willing to address the national tragedy that is mass unemployment. They flap their lips when convenient. But that’s about it. At least they’re realizing a phrase like jobless recovery’ no longer plays well in Peoria. Nor are many pols willing to recognize [or admit] the link between the downhill slide of a consumer-driven economy when people are unemployed, fear unemployment or have had wages frozen or reversed and have taken on easy debt to make up the difference. The former consumers’ are paying down debt [if they can], buying necessities and squirreling the rest beneath their mattresses. Massive unemployment means zip in demand. Also means reduced tax receipts, starving states, counties, cities, and municipalities. That’s why we’re already seeing pension plans damaged by reckless speculation thrown on the bonfire. Basic services will go, cuts will go to the bone until all that’s left are public assests: highways and bridges, national parks, schools, etc thrown up for fire sale to the same bastards who got the ball rolling. This is called selling the family china. Then having to rent it back to eat lunch. At exorbinent fees. And Rule of Law? Only for those who can afford it.Serfs meet Barons.I think Hedges is [and has been from the start] onto something the trolls in D&R hats have taken the city. We simply cannot or will not admit it.

    • I don’t think Curt would have much of a shot winning any election. Is there anyone out there who actually likes him? For all he did for Boston, still every Boston fan I know doesn’t really like him, they just respond to questions with something like, well, I’m really happy for what he helped accomplish for us, but he should shut his mouth because he’s an idiot.As for Moose in Hall, I guess it makes sense that he not get in if we look at his peers who will be getting nominated around the same time- Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine, Randy Johnson, Clemens, Pedro. Those are all guys who were incredibly dominant. Moose, as great as he was, just wasn’t in that league. While I have never thought much of Glavine, he does have the magic number and that’s what counts to get him over the hump. As far as Moose playing on the Orioles in the 90s and Yankees in the 2000s, that’s true that that probably helped him get some wins, but it’s also true that pitching in the AL East probably took away it’s fair share of wins from him. Facing at various times the Sox, Yankees, Orioles, and Blue Jays is not an easy task- far more difficult than playing in other divisions. This is the premier offense division and probably always will be.Side note: if Moose shouldn’t get in before Blyleven- should Schilling get in before him? Or before Jack Morris for that matter? Schilling’s got the 3000+ strikeouts, but he doesn’t have the win total of Moose or Blyleven (who also has more Ks, as do Clemens, the Unit, Maddux, and Pedro). He also has the postseason record, making him similar to Morris. If you put those together does it make him Hall worthy? I don’t know. I think right now people think he and Moose should get in, but in five years from now, with some perspective, I think people will answer ‘no.’

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