Impressions of the “Peachtree” crew

So given the opportunity last night, I decided to tune in the Atlanta Braves broadcast on  Peachtree TV. Not that Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler aren’t spectacularly great TV, but I always find it interesting to watch another team’s broadcast, not only to see how they approach calling the home team, but also what kind of airtime they devote to talking about the Jays.

Here’s some random observations from watching their games.

  • The Braves announcers almost exclusively refer to the players by their first names. It’s kind of odd and seems somewhat unprofessional, yet seems more personal.
  • Their announcing team really, really likes Corey Patterson. When he first came up they went on and on about how well he has done this year and how he’s “turned his career” around. Alright cowboys, let’s hold our horses here. I never really looked that closely because I had just assumed he was doing an OK job, but, Patterson’s slash line is .266/.297/.402 for a less-than-spectacular OPS of .698. His career OPS is .696. Perhaps this is a topic for another post, but does anyone else feel slightly uncomfortable with someone in the two-hole getting on base less than 30 per cent of the time? Perhaps if Rajai Davis wasn’t awful at laying off breaking balls on the outside of the plate and was doing a little better, the Patterson could be dropped into his rightful spot lower in the order. That being said, Davis’ OBP isn’t that spectacular either over his career. It’s an interesting question, who would be the best two-hole hitter on this team?
  • I was actually quite impressed with how much the Braves announcing team talked about Jays player. They obviously had lots to say about Bautista (and unfortunately the word steroids popped up, but not in a completely ignorant and accusatory fashion), but to my surprise they also had little blurbs and pieces of detail about other players up and down the lineup. It was somewhat refreshing compared to some other big market team whose announcers seem to think their teams are the centre of the universe and nothing else matters.
  • The Braves announcing team is no doubt more personally tied into the team’s play than the Jays crew, for example. You could really sense their anguish over how Hudson, sorry, Tim, had been having a tough time lately and they sounded like proud parents as the game went on, raving about how well he was keeping the ball down. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as announcers showing emotional investment – without being overt homers – can add a little emotion to a broadcast.

Anyway, I can’t be the only one who sacrificed watching in HD on Rogers for a chance to watch a different broadcast. Anyone else have opinions on the Atlanta crew and how it compares to our Buck and Tabby? What is public opinion of how the Jays’ broadcast team does anyway? Personally I really liked when Ashby was in the booth, but I also don’t mind the regular team too.

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2 thoughts on “Impressions of the “Peachtree” crew

  1. Praise for Corey Patterson, you say? From wikipedia:

    Patterson attended Harrison High School in Kennesaw, Georgia, and helped Harrison win the Georgia state championship as a senior in 1998.

    That’s charitably 30 miles from Turner Field.

  2. Hmm, interesting Drew. I definitely never knew that. If that’s all it takes for them to verbally fellate a guy with an OBP of under .300, then to each their own.

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