Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Joe Carter is jumping for joy ... for Webber Naturals!

So, is anyone else kind of disillusioned to see Joe Carter hawking arthritis pills ?

When a former sports star shows up on these types of cheesy celebrity endorsements, everyone’s knee-jerk reaction is to comment something along the lines of “wow, he must be desperate for money.”

I’ll admit that was my first thought too, and while desperate is obviously far too harsh a word, it does make you wonder.

Truth be told, Carter didn’t play in an era where even subpar major leaguers are multi-millionaires, so while I’m sure he’s quite comfortable financially, it’s somewhat unfair to think that he should be opposed to a payday like this due to previously accumulated wealth.

Also, it’s no worse than Alomar “catching the taste” back in 1994, when he was still an active player earning a big league pay cheque. And, unlike Robbie, who I can’t imagine made a regular habit of drinking McCain punch, Carter could actually be a consumer and user of the product he is pitching for.

That being said, I’d like to think there was some sort of special pension fund provided by the Jays to World Series heroes, where ol’ Joe could go to grab a million or two if his bank account was feeling a little sad. I mean jeez, it’s the least the Jays could do, right? How many other guys have provided as memorable and defining a moment for the franchise?

Of course, as previously mentioned, there’s also the entirely plausible explanation that Carter actually is a happy customer of this product and was more than happy to lend his name to endorsing something he believes in. However, that leads us to the depressing part …

Joe Carter, World Series Hero, is the face of an arthritis company. An arthritis company. Isn’t that sort of thing for grey-haired seniors, not World Series heroes? Wait, how many years has it been since the Jays were in the postseason? Oh, 18? That’s somewhat disheartening.

This commercial for me just drives home the fact that the Jays haven’t been relevant in a MLB pennant drive for a number of years.

You don’t see companies lining up to give Jays endorsement deals and national TV commercials for cool, young and hip things. No, just a reminder that weary Jays fans can help remove all the aches and pains of another season of pennantless baseball with one great pill.

Let’s just hope the Jays can get back to postseason relevance before we see Paul Molitor endorsing hearing aids, Pat Borders giving his two cents about the best walking canes and Devon White proclaiming he’s found the ultimate nursing home.

In other, more current Jays news:

  • As I proclaimed in my proposed plan for the organization, bringing up Eric Thames was a necessity. I’m glad to see that has panned out so far. Now, to continue along with that and bring up the rest of the guys in AAA who deserve a chance. On that note …
  • That same post mentioned how the Jays are a bit hampered in the fact that Rajai Davis and Corey Patterson are the only guys on the roster they feel comfortable playing centre. News out of AAA is that Travis Snider is going to be getting some work in at centrefield, which is great. Perhaps if he makes that transition he will allow the Jays a more powerful offense going forward, and also, perhaps people will be less likely to criticize him as a CFer when he falls short of expectation and doesn’t hit 30+ homeruns.
  • Glad to see Brett Cecil back. Not much else to say on that, but hopefully he’s here for good this time around. Sorry to see Zach Stewart get the axe, but I’m sure we’ll see him back in the future.
  • Also, unless I’ve missed it, there doesn’t seem to be much fanfare surrounding Roy Halladay’s return to the Skydome to pitch against the Jays. He’s slated to pitch Saturday against Villanueva … That should be interesting, yes? Here’s to hoping he gets the rousing standing ovation that he deserves.
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2 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so, Joe!

  1. I have faith…. But, for example, I don’t believe he is going to hit 30 homeruns this year.

    I was more so just trying to make light of the fact that expectations are seemingly unreachably high for him, even at this young age of his career.

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