Mind games

How do you spell roast?


How do you spell coast?


How do you spell what you put in a toaster?

The human brain is a funny thing. Prime it to give the wrong answer and it more than likely will. The end of last night’s Jays-Red Sox game is a pretty good example of this.

Toronto down 3-2, top of 9, two out and Edwin Encarnacion tries to beat a throw home to tie the game. He was called out. Replays show he was safe.

Why did the umpire blow the call?

Nobody can know for sure, but it does seem to be a case of home plate ump Brian Knight being primed for an outcome other than what happened: Jason Varitek had the plate blocked and the throw arrived before E5 did. In most cases, that’s a guaranteed out.

But Encarnacion executed a damn fine slide and beat the tag. Just watch he does with his right leg. I can be as hard as the next guy on E5, but he earned himself a bit of a pass there. Enough that I’m willing to consider dropping the E5 moniker, even.

But yeah, last night, it stings for sure. A game-deciding call blown — and against the Red Sox no less. Still these kinds of things happen, and the Jays will benefit from blown calls, too.

The only way to avoid things like this is to bring in instant replay. I’m not necessarily opposed to that, but something has got to be done about game length before that’s even considered. I mean, does anybody want to see a 9-inning game stretch out to 5+ hours?

2 thoughts on “Mind games

  1. I don’t necessarily think he executed that great of a slide. If he did a hook slide and reached around with his hand he probably would have beat it easily… Maybe.

    • You’re right, he could have planned his slide better. But you gotta admit that he managed to take a pig’s ear and make it silk on that play.

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