Baseball betting project – back to square one

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a fair bit of gamble in me.

I used to be quite an avid poker player, and while I seem to only play cards once every couple months these days, I’ve bet on everything from turning high cards to rock-paper-scissors in the past (seriously, I’ll throw down with anyone in a best four-out-of-seven at any time).

One of the marks of a good gambler is that you have to be comfortable with the possibility of losing whatever amount it is you are betting and you can’t become too emotionally attached or invested in the result, either positive or negative.

That being said, while I have no great emotional swings winning or losing money at a poker table, I have found the one thing that does impact me far more than I would I like:

Betting on every single Blue Jays baseball game.

As I set out to do at the start of the season, my goal was to bet on all of the Jays games this year and see where the chips would fall.

Here’s the thing, there’s one thing that can make my mood drop quickly – the Blue Jays losing. Add in a financial loss and a losing streak becomes even more unbearable than it normally would be.

It’s not even about the money at all, it’s just my already present anger at Toronto losing a game, multiplied.

That being said, the Jays finished the first half two games under .500.

That netted me a cool profit of…$35.

I presumed Jose Bautista would win the homerun derby, so I put that big money on him to win the homerun derby, which obviously didn’t happen.

The opening four-game split of the second half has put me right back where I started.


Just like the Jays seem destined to do this season, I have broken even.

I was thinking of dropping this little experiment at the halfway point, but I have a feeling the second half will be good to the Jays, so I’ll keep at it.

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