New uniforms: A pro weighs in

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And looky here! A review of the new Blue Jays uniforms from a a bonafide fashion expert!

Toronto-based fashion writer and friend of the blog Emma Yardley has helped us out in the past. What makes her qualified to give a professional review of the new uniforms? Lots of things! Not the least of which is the fact she is the Associate Editor of She has been featured in too many magazines and newspapers for me to list here. AND she’s on twitter and blogs about fashion.

So what does Emma have to say about the new uniforms?

Obviously, the Blue Jay’s design team took what I said the last time I weighed in on the uniforms to heart. (Glad to know they’re fans of Infield Fly.) Gone is the Angry Bird blue-jay head, the black is back to the blue and the weird grey J-swoosh is history.

Speaking of history, that’s where they’ve gone and, in my opinion, that’s where they should stay. Play on our nostalgia, people. That’s how it works in fashion, that’s how it should work in sports, too.

Each (fashion) season, designers pull ideas from the history archives and create collections of clothes that evoke a certain time that they feel with resonate with the modern customer. It may be the entrepreneurial spirit of the Wild West, it could be the opulence of the 80s, but these cultural curators know how to fill a hole we feel we’re collectively missing…with clothes.

That is what the Blue Jays are doing with these uniforms. They’re taking us back to our childhood rec rooms, shag carpet and all, and reminding us of the Jays’ glory days. It’s a smart move. It’s an obvious move. I usually am all for surprises, but for once I was glad I wasn’t shocked when they revealed these new/old uniforms. Instead, I felt comforted. In these unstable times, that is exactly what we need.

(p.s I still think they should drop the red maple leaf from the jay head, though, and relegate it to the back of the uniform. Let the jay speak for itself. Sorry, boys.)

Emma’s right, times are unstable and, while it may be a trivial matter overall, it is a bit comforting to see the Jays embracing the past that we (mostly) all remember so fondly.

Also: That maple leaf is a little whacky.

Big thanks to Emma for helping us out yet again, and please do check out her other work.

3 thoughts on “New uniforms: A pro weighs in

  1. I like the return of the old logo (although modified of course) and definitely cheer the return of the word BLUE in the name. I don’t, however, like the return to the old jerseys. Wearing the jersey of a previous champion doesn’t make you a champion. I think they should have been completely redesigned with the throwback logo. That way you have a callback to the past, and a look to the future.

    I imagined a Detroit Tigers style jersey – logo on the left of the chest with piping around the neck and down the front. White with blue piping at home and royal blue with white piping on the road, or if you MUST have 3 jerseys (for marketing reasons only) then the road jersey would be grey with blue piping and the royal blue would obviously be the alternate.

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