Good Glove, No hit: Brett Lawrie

That isn’t intended to be a sarcastic title. Perhaps a little inflammatory, but is correct, as of the third week of April. I can’t say I put much stock in the numbers of anybody with the bat at this time of year, but he’s been a below average hitter so far. The glove has, to my eyes, been outstanding. And I don’t think the glove really slumps. Brett does two things that seem to me to show off his raw skill on defense.

First, when he bobbles or blocks a ball, he neither panics or gives up. His recovery is quick, and the resulting throw is still on target. Second he does this:

Sadly, you’ll have to click the pic to see the show.


The entire sequence, from contact with glove, to release, takes one second. Also, in one frame, he appears to have discovered levitation.

So, please discuss, what were you expecting with the bat and the glove to start the year? Do you think he’ll ever get caught stealing home again? Has he left you wanting more?

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6 thoughts on “Good Glove, No hit: Brett Lawrie

  1. To think that last year everyone was so worked up about Lawrie’s supposedly sub-par defense. He’s already shown tons of improvement and, like you say, has this great ability to keep the ball in check when he fumbles and still make the play.

    He’s pretty fun to watch defensively, actually — I’m pleasantly surprised. Bat-wise, well, not too surprised. He can’t hit a homer every game. I think he’ll be somewhat streaky at least in the first half, but still reasonable.

  2. You know, Lawrie struggling with the bat and doing nicely in the field is something I’m happy to take. I don’t think Lawrie will be as good as he was last year with the bat, but it’s way too early to say his OPS will stay sub-.700 for the year.

    As for the glove, Lawrie seems like the kind of guy who’d be willing to put in the work to improve that part of his game. And with Jedi Master Butterfield teaching him, the sky’s the limit.

    • Agreed on both – I’m confident his OPS will rise to an admirable level once a few months have gone by and things have evened out – we know he can hit, but it’s 2 weeks into the season and expectations need to be tempered. Glove-wise it’s really encouraging to see his efforts manifest so clearly. Jays defense is starting to look real nice!

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  3. It’s funny because I was actually going to write a post about Lawrie’s defence, which I think has been a great and pleasant surprise…. However, I only wrote the blog post in my head (which I seem to do a lot), you actually wrote it on the blog, so well done Greg!

  4. I am really sad that I upaetdd. The palm rejection is always making the bottom of my palm scribble around. I love this app and use it daily for work, so please bring the manual palm rest back as optional, it was the feature that made me purchase the app in the first place. I wouldn’t say that it’s a trade off between quick/easy note taking and perfect notes, but if you write a whole page of notes then a single scribble turns into thirty. I work with several others who also use the app and we all really liked how we could insert detailed diagrams in with our detailed notes.

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