The Tweet is Coming From Inside the Dome

A little departure from my usual fare here, I watch lots and lots of Blue Jays games on TV, and a few on the radio. I kind of have to, I live 200 kilometres from the Rogers Centre, not a commute I’m prepared to make.

I follow the games on twitter, (@coolhead2010, if you didn’t know that), as well. I adds a lot to the experience for me, and most of those who I follow on twitter are related to baseball or the Blue Jays. I’m always looking for an interesting fan to follow, and I hope you are too.

The following is a list of twitter folks (tweeps?) that I follow who often view the game in person, whether they be season ticket holders or flex pack people. I find the on-the-scene experience an interesting contrast to my TV centered viewpoint.

1. Mike Wilner @wilnerness590 Mike is the only media professional I’ll include on the list. He is a good follow because he live tweets every home game and answers lost of questions. Sadly, he seems to think that he needs to quote/retweet every knuckleheaded question he gets, so it can be a bit much at times.

2. LaLaLatte ‏ @captainlatte Latte is an enthusiastic fan all the way around. She is well known and followed, very upbeat, and not shy about who her favourite players are. I’m sure there’s a lot of jumping up and down in her seat when watching ‘her boys’ play. She also has a Tumblr account with lots of baseball related stuff.

3. James G ‏ @james_in_to James has season tickets right behind the Blue Jays dugout, and lots of commentary about what TV cameras almost never see. He has a great camera and good eye for photos, some of which he tweets out, others show up on his Tumblr.

4. Luc256 ‏ @Luc256 works at the Rogers Centre, and always well aware of when the roof will or won’t be opening. Also enjoys Fresca, for what its worth.

5. JaysDome ‏ @JaysDome His tickets are in the 500 level, so much of his commentary reflects the nature of what happens in the ‘cheap seats’. Another dyed in the wool fan, he likes to get autographs from everybody passing through on the visiting teams.

6. Siobhán ‏ @highsockmojo 68,000 tweets. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and her seasons tickets are over the Jays bullpen, if I’ve been paying attention. Bonus: At least one live-tweeted road trip per year.

7. Minor Leaguer ‏ @Minor_Leaguer Co-writer for SB Nation’s Bluebird Banter, he is an excellent follow, very engaging and a well informed fan.

So, there it is, my not-very-exhaustive list of twitterers inside the Rogers Centre. If you have a good inside tweeter, or Jays twitter account in general let us know in the comments. You can always follow the site at @infieldflyrule

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