Obligatory Travis Snider thought of the day.

‘Wonder this time where she’s gone
Wonder if she’s gone to stay
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And this house just ain’t no home
Anytime she goes away.’

-Bill Withers

Yes, its that time of year again, time to say goodbye to what could have been, and hello to whoever the hell just showed up in the dugout.

I always wanted Traivs Snider to find the magic, like a lot of the rest of you. I wanted to see a Hall of Fame type career stretch from youth to veteran. That can’t happen when you get your first regular gig in the outfield at 24 or 25 though. You can be very good still, but not all-time-great.

I do not live and die by faces moving around. I am not sad about Snider leaving, nor am I happy about it either. It’s just different. I don’t mind different. Different lost us Marc Rzepczynski, Zach Stewart, Nestor Molina, Shaun Marcum. It found us Brett Lawrie, Jose Bautista, Colby Rasmus, Yunel Escobar, Brandon Morrow.

I am a Travis Snider fan. His mannerisms, his play in the outfield, his very hard hit home runs. I am a fan of that kind of play in any uniform.

However, I am a Blue Jay Fan, first and foremost. I trust the process, acquire talent, extend success, trade to improve. Make the playoffs. Win it all. If Travis Snider leaving is a part of that, in the long run, I can find peace with that.

In the long run, I think Travis will find peace as well, wherever he finds himself. Now, as to what I think today, less than 24 hours after he left in the middle of a game well…..

You say that you're leaving
Well that comes as no surprise
Still I kinda like this feelin'
Of being left behind
Yea this ain't nothing new to me
Well it's just like goin' home
It's kinda like those sunsets
That leave you feelin'
So stoned
Hey hey I guess it hasn't hit me yet

-Blue Rodeo

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