A few words about words….

So, yeah it’s been a big week in Blue Jay land… 12 player trade, Izturis, Melky. And John Gibbons back in blue. Well, Blue Jay blue. Which is not Royals blue. Which is to say, differenter blue. Good things. Very good things.

But, as a result of all this goodness, two weird things have come to my attention. The first was an amusing analogy by Jose Bautista on twitter.

Which, on its own, is amusing. But then, today, came this from teammate J.P. Arencibia.

And that’s just odd. Really. Was there a team meeting about obscure analogies to use? Is this a perverse game of one-upmanship? Have I simply fallen behind with the slang the kids are using these days?

Whatever. I’m all over this story like white on rice, so I say, @blawrie13, clearly the ball is in your lingustically twsited court.

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