Vote them out, the Backwards Hall of Fame Ballot, 2004

Ok, so a little bit of discussion over at Bluebird Banter has resulted in modifications to the format going forward, in an effort to not end up with a dozen or more inductees every year. I’m a Big Hall guy, but nobody who offered a comment seemed to think it should be that big.

First up, for those who aren’t familiar with the process, votes are votes to keep somebody out of the Hall of Fame, not to vote them in. You get up to fifteen votes now, and I strongly encourage you to make at least ten selections, unless you think Dave Concepcion is a sure fire Hall of Famer. If a player is selected on 40% or more of the ballots, he’s kicked off of the ballot for 2005.

I have added all the first time eligible players for 2004, and added a 1 beside their name. 2003 first timers have a 2. All carry overs from previous years have a +. I also took Jim Kaat off the ballot, just because he’d reached the end of the real 15 year eligibility period.

This round of voting is closed, please vote at the currently open ballot year.

4 thoughts on “Vote them out, the Backwards Hall of Fame Ballot, 2004

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