The Dickeyfication of Blue Jays Fans

Over the last 3 days Blue Jays fans have had an opportunity to participate in a process. The process is called “Watching a rumor pan out.” This is a rare process, indeed because the General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays operates under very strict rules about rumors. With AA at the helm, the conversation is rarely “Did you hear what the Blue Jays might do?” instead, it’s  almost always “Did you see what the Blue Jays just did?”. Deals are done, and then the fans talk about what might have been.

This recent weekend has been an unexpected boon to the natural rumourmongering tendencies of the Toronto sports fan. The Blue Jays are working out something to do with the New York Mets regarding R.A. Dickey; knuckleballer, Cy Young winner, author, rennasaince man. The Blue Jay front office has been tight-lipped as usual. The Met’s beat writers however, have so much to say about these trade negotiations, they may be found guilty of wiretapping before this is over. Again, this is a boon to the Blue Jay fan, long starved for a morsel of pre-trade speculation, we’ve all been at the all-you-can-eat armchair GM buffet.

For three days, we have mulled over every scrap of leaked information. We fans, together, we are going to get R. A. Dickey for our team. We are at the center of the baseball universe.

After three days at the buffet, however, those back and forth trips to the table have grown dull. There seemed to be a little bit of, I dunno, zany in the air. You can only refresh twitter so many times, right?

The first thing I noticed was this:


That’s funny, I thought, Tao has changed his twitter name. Is that short for Toronto Stieb? I thought that because, obviously, I am a clueless fool. Never fear, I began to put things together when this appeared on my timeline:


Two initials, instead of a first name. A mysterious ‘ey’ at the end where none had been before.


I was yelling in my mind.

So what was the next step? Minor Leaguer doesn’t use his real-life name on his profile, but he had an interesting idea:

And now, J.A. Happy he is. He joins a growing army of Dickeyfied twitter names (not handles, the @ part stays the same) making for a very unusual looking feed. People like to join in on the fun, and I am no exception. To be part of something, to express yourself, to share, that’s at least part of the reason we watch the games anyway. So, I present a gallery, in not particular order, of all the Dickeys on my twitter feed. I say no particular order, but truthfully, mine is last on purpose.


gallery2_edited-1 gallery3_edited-1

If you’ve become one of our Dickey brethren this weekend, let us know in the comments.

Oh, and Toronto Blue Jays World Series Champs 2013!


10 thoughts on “The Dickeyfication of Blue Jays Fans

  1. I changed mine today to K.P. Mattey (@KyleMatte). Such an awesome movement. Really wish Dickey could see the positive embrace coming his way from Blue Jays fans.

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  3. Also, this couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for Toronto, not only with the AL east being meh now, but from a PR standpoint. Whats the NHL again?

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