Twitter-bombing with Jose Canseco

I am, frankly, in awe of the twitter personality that is Jose Canseco. He exists on a different plane of twitterness than anyone else I know, and I don’t even follow him. If it isn’t really Jose running his own tweets, he has hired an amazingly strange indivdual to do it for him, and he should be paying him lots and lots of money. I say this with confidence, because I’m pretty sure that the twitter account is the only reason I ever think about Canseco, and I’m hardly alone in that regard.

What follows is a series of screen captures of tonight’s twitter conversation between a few hardcore Jays fans, and beat writer Gregor Chisholm (@gregorMLB).

First, Gregor follows up on the injury to AAA first baseman David Cooper. He then fields responses about the effect of that injury on the depth of the Jays at first base.canseco01 canseco02

Gruber’s Mullet chimes in and inquires about available free agents who might fill that hole. Jim Thome is a name that comes off the top of his head. Believe it or not, we just got a whole lot closer to Jose Canseco’s twitter radar, but we aren’t on it just yet.


And after a second suggestion of Thome, Gregor shoots that idea out of the water like a leaky tugboat. No Thome. Andy does us a solid here, because instead of letting the ‘old guy who might DH’ idea die, he gives us slightly more outlandish name: Manny Ramirez. We are dangerously close to Jose Canseco here. Can you feel it?canseco04

Did you see that, just above? Iain Sutherland just lit up the Canseco-Bat-Signal, and @ mentioned Jose right in a tweet about the whole situation.canseco05

Now, look what you’ve done boys. You’ve mocked Canseco, praised his twitter savvy, used his hashtag and expressed a deisre to be close to him. Now all you can do is wait.


52 minutes should do it.canseco06And there you go! The payoff pitch is a ringing line single by Jose Canseco, as he gives us all a quick geography/politics lesson in one tweet. Toronto and Buffalo are really close!

With Jose on base, we’ll let Iain Sutherland belt one out of the park by making another joke at Jose’s expense. That’s a walkoff winner. Thank you everybody for coming out, drive safely on the way home.


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