Brandon Morrow: Fan Mail

I must confess, my original thought was to call this ‘Brandon Morrow, a Love Letter’. Then I rolled that around my head for thrity seconds and became uncomfortable with it. I don’t love Brandon Morrow. I don’t know the man, really, so it would be presumptuous of me to say whether I really loved him or not. I am a fan, that’s for certain. A fan, specifically, of what he has been doing with baseballs lately. He has been throwing them very effectively. The Brandon Morrow of the last two years is beginning to fade into the distance. That’s ok, we all change, and it seems that Brandon has changed into a better version of his pitching self.

This was written after a wonderful pitching clinic that Brandon conducted in Chicago. He shut out the White Sox for 9 innings, allowing 2 hits and 2 walks. He ended the game with a swinging strikeout. He’s been doing the complete game thing a lot this year, or at least a lot for him. He had one in his career before this year, and he blew through the 130 pitch mark to get there. He has 3 this year, which ties him with Justin Verlander for the league lead, he has completed all three without breaking the 120 pitch mark. All of those games are shutouts, the most in MLB.

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