Jays Try To Regroup After Streak Snapped

The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Seattle Mariners 10-2 on Sunday afternoon. They were unable to build on the consistent results against Seattle and Boston early in the week, and scored early and often.


Manager John Gibbons was victimized by unexpected efforts from bench players Rajai Davis and Mark DeRosa, both of whom contributed on the offensive side well beyond expectation. Melky Carbera also threw off the team’s plans, homering for the first time this season. Gibbons was asked about the end of the four game losing streak in the post game scrum. He was subdued, as usual. Continue reading


Jose Reyes injury. The worst.

I did not watch tonight’s game. Of course, the Jays won.

Of course, this also happened:

(GIF via Paul Sporer)

As of this writing, nobody knows exactly how long Reyes will be out, but here’s what we do know, via the numerous beat reporters (let’s give credit today to non-Rogers man Scott MacArthur) and just some plain basic facts:

  • Reyes heard something “pop”
  • Best case scenario, Reyes is out for a month. Worst case, three months.
  • General manager Alex Anthopoulos has already been talking with other GMs about trading for some infield help
  • Reyes is the best. Him getting hurt is the worst.
  • Mike McCoy is likely to get called up and see too much playing time.
  • Brett Lawrie can’t come back fast enough.
  • Reyes, usually an outstanding baserunner, slid late because he thought the pitch had been fouled off

I know I haven’t been active on the blog or on Twitter much lately, but I’m all too aware of the panic a lot of fans have been feeling because of the team’s slow start. I’ve been doing my best to talk sense into as many people as possible. “The Giants started 2-8 last year and won the World Series,” I say.

But right now, I feel the panic. It’s ridiculous, especially since there’s no real word on what’s wrong with Reyes, but this could hurt. Losing Reyes for three months could be a lot worse than a slow start. And seeing him cry? That’s worst of all.

Here’s hoping it’s not that bad.

And a quick update because the man himself tweets

Welcome To The Conversation

Image pilfered from CHFI.com

For quite a long time, the Toronto Blue Jays have been an afterthought in the American League. I will not rehash the middle-of-the-road history since 1993. If you wish to go into the gory details of the three general managers and their struggles to put the team back into contention, you can find that story on the internet, without looking too hard. I’ll put it all into one sentence.

The Toronto Blue Jays have neither won nor lost as many as 90 games since 2005, and only once since they won it all in 1993.

That makes them the most in-limbo team in the MLB.

This week, the Toronto Blue jays entered a new phase. A phase in which Rogers Communications Incorporated money travelled directly to the location of Alex Anthopoulos’s mouth. AA put Toronto back on the MLB map by adding seven players in a week, five of whom will, if healthy, be in the starting lineup on opening day, 2013. The baseball world took notice. In fact, some of the baseball scribes stood up, spun around, had their eyes bulge out in a cartoonish manner, and started typing madly away. The was a Big Deal, bigger than Alomar/Carter for McGriff/Fernandez. No more being lost in the middle.

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What hath #jerkball wrought?

This is a Blue Jays website, and as such, I feel it appropriate that I put my two cents in over the Yunel Escobar eyeblack controversy. A situation which has, ironically, given the Toronto Blue Jays organization a black eye. First, I certainly don’t condone the sentiment expressed by Mr. Escobar. I would think long and hard about referencing someone’s sexual orientation, either playfully, or insultingly, and I don’t think he should have done it, either. Here’s the thing though, I’m not Yunel, and he isn’t me. I don’t expect that he and I would behave the same way under the same circumstances.

Before I get any further along about Escobar specifically, I’d like to remind those fans out there who’ve been around since the end of last season about #jerkball. Specifically, the idea that a certain amount of swagger, attitude and entitlement was part of a winning attitude. Joanna at Hum and Chuck praised the hard playing, win with attitude types in this post. Jerkball was a good reason to go after the discontented Logan Morrison. If we were going to compete, it wouldn’t happen by playing nicely with others.

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MLB Managerial Moves for 2013

Lately, there has been much speculation about the fate of Bobby Valentine in Boston. Ownership has assured the media that his job is safe for the duration of the 2012 season. Anything is possible after the end of baseball in October of this year. I have peered into my crystal ball, and now present to you, the future of Bobby Valentine and the Domino Effect.

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Obligatory Travis Snider thought of the day.

‘Wonder this time where she’s gone
Wonder if she’s gone to stay
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And this house just ain’t no home
Anytime she goes away.’

-Bill Withers

Yes, its that time of year again, time to say goodbye to what could have been, and hello to whoever the hell just showed up in the dugout.

I always wanted Traivs Snider to find the magic, like a lot of the rest of you. I wanted to see a Hall of Fame type career stretch from youth to veteran. That can’t happen when you get your first regular gig in the outfield at 24 or 25 though. You can be very good still, but not all-time-great.

I do not live and die by faces moving around. I am not sad about Snider leaving, nor am I happy about it either. It’s just different. I don’t mind different. Different lost us Marc Rzepczynski, Zach Stewart, Nestor Molina, Shaun Marcum. It found us Brett Lawrie, Jose Bautista, Colby Rasmus, Yunel Escobar, Brandon Morrow.

I am a Travis Snider fan. His mannerisms, his play in the outfield, his very hard hit home runs. I am a fan of that kind of play in any uniform.

However, I am a Blue Jay Fan, first and foremost. I trust the process, acquire talent, extend success, trade to improve. Make the playoffs. Win it all. If Travis Snider leaving is a part of that, in the long run, I can find peace with that.

In the long run, I think Travis will find peace as well, wherever he finds himself. Now, as to what I think today, less than 24 hours after he left in the middle of a game well…..

You say that you're leaving
Well that comes as no surprise
Still I kinda like this feelin'
Of being left behind
Yea this ain't nothing new to me
Well it's just like goin' home
It's kinda like those sunsets
That leave you feelin'
So stoned
Hey hey I guess it hasn't hit me yet

-Blue Rodeo

Brandon Morrow: Fan Mail

I must confess, my original thought was to call this ‘Brandon Morrow, a Love Letter’. Then I rolled that around my head for thrity seconds and became uncomfortable with it. I don’t love Brandon Morrow. I don’t know the man, really, so it would be presumptuous of me to say whether I really loved him or not. I am a fan, that’s for certain. A fan, specifically, of what he has been doing with baseballs lately. He has been throwing them very effectively. The Brandon Morrow of the last two years is beginning to fade into the distance. That’s ok, we all change, and it seems that Brandon has changed into a better version of his pitching self.

This was written after a wonderful pitching clinic that Brandon conducted in Chicago. He shut out the White Sox for 9 innings, allowing 2 hits and 2 walks. He ended the game with a swinging strikeout. He’s been doing the complete game thing a lot this year, or at least a lot for him. He had one in his career before this year, and he blew through the 130 pitch mark to get there. He has 3 this year, which ties him with Justin Verlander for the league lead, he has completed all three without breaking the 120 pitch mark. All of those games are shutouts, the most in MLB.

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