Sometimes people find this site by typing questions into Google. Sometimes when people do this, I happen to look at my stats on the same day.

So, people who find my site by typing questions into Google, here are your answers.

(It should be obvious, but this page is a work in progress.)

Q: why does brandon morrow

A: For reasons that nobody but him understands, that’s why.

Q: why fo they call him aaron cibia

A: I’ll assume you mean “do” and not “fo” and I’ll also redirect you to the Drunk Jays Fans for the answer. Enjoy.

Q: does sammy sosa have children

A: Wikipedia is my main resource for this kind of thing. While that site mentions Sammy’s marriage to Sonia Sosa (Google pics!) it makes no mention of Sammy’s children. From this I can only conclude that, barring any the chance of any illegitimate offspring out there, Sammy’s got no little ones running around.

Q: Why is Shaun Marcum called North of Steeles?

A: In the GTA, there is an area north of Steeles Avenue called Markham. It’s pronounced the same way as Marcum.

Q: Will the world end in 2012?

A: Maybe. I think you’re probably looking for this site.

Q: jays game no dirt on infield?

A: It really depends on where the Jays are playing if there’s dirt in the infield. At the Rogers Centre SkyDome, the field’s astroturf, but there dirt cutouts at the bases and the pitcher’s mound. The warning track however, is just a different colour of astroturf, so it doesn’t actually provide any sort of warning to the players unless they’re looking at their feet instead of the ball.

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