I’m new here…

…and I hope we get to know one another well.

Hi there, my name is Greg Wisniewski, and I’m flattered to been invited to write for Infield Fly. My twitter handle is @coolhead2010, and I have my own baseball related blog Baseball Is Magic.

I’ve been a baseball fan for 2 different stretches in my life, first  from 1991-1994, when I was a teenager. I watched the Blue Jays in their glory years, and I left when the strike happened, like a lot of other Jays fans. In late 2007 I started to get interested in the team again, and it was then that I became a much more educated fan. I read a bunch of baseball books, most importantly, Baseball: Between the Numbers, from Baseball Prospectus, and it changed the whole way I looked at the game. I have become a year round baseball fan, I read a half-dozen blogs every week, as well as all the mainstream media. I love to talk about stats, plays, rules, contracts, all different aspects of the game. Most important to me though, is watching or listening to the games themselves.

That’s what I focus on at my own blog, the moments inside an individual game, inning, or at-bat that make you want to watch them all over again. What am I doing here, for Infield Fly? For the time being, it will be whatever strikes me as interesting or funny in the baseball world. Looking forward to cooking up something for all the Infield Fly readers very soon.

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